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I passed my practice exams thrice in a row so I felt ready to register for the real thing. I booked my test yesterday (February 26, 2021) and my exam date is April 9th.

I’ve had a busy and tiring week. It’s important to me that I keep my word, so my Friday post was in the form of this short live stream.

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Sharing what I’ve learned

So far, I’ve written about how I’m studying for this exam, but I haven’t shared much about what I’ve learned. I thought it would be fun to make bite-sized presentations covering key topics. I know teaching and sharing learnings are ways to reinforce and solidify new concepts.

I abandoned the idea to review the video course that I completed; that would have been boring. I did start working with the e-book I mentioned last time and I added this video course provided by AWS. I like both resources for different reasons. The AWS course from Amazon does a great job of simplifying terms and making the concepts relatable. The cert guide (e-book) makes it easy to check your understanding and goes into more detail with technical terms.

I planned to add a voice-over to the video below and that will still happen, but not today. I’ll probably re-upload the video to the same URL once I record the voice-over.

👆🏾 Download the PDF version of the slides

Like I said in the video, I’m going to keep this short and take it easy. Next time I should have the “Value Proposition of Cloud” video completed plus a new video on a different topic.

See you around the internet 👋🏾.

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