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Nikema Prophet

Person • Artist • Developer • Overthinker

Let's just start something

I’ve had this domain for awhile. It’s been unused this whole time. I don’t really have a lot of time to make something cool before I start blogging so this is where we are.

How the Pandemic Opened the Door to My Career in Tech

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic played a part in reducing the access gap for parents (with caregiving responsibilities), disabled people, and neurodivergent people in tech. I'm a member of each of those marginalized groups, plus some. Tech's quick transition to remote...

#NikemaLearns About AWS – #2 A Milestone Met!

I really wanted to finish my video course before writing this blog post, and *spoiler alert* I did it! I finished the course and took my second practice exam today. I didn't get a passing score (69.23%, so close), but I did improve since the first attempt. ✨ Check out...

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