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I finished the 12-hour full stack React course with Appwrite created by @HiteshChoudharydotcom last night.

I figured out how to get the final app running and it almost works completely. I am having an issue with the signup flow.

When a new user signs up, it creates the user and logs them in but it errors. The error is, “getCurrentUser is not defined.” It’s supposed to create the user, log them in, and navigate to the home page. The error happens before it redirects to the home page and the page is stuck on /signup.

The deployed app is here https://appwrite-vite-blog-app.vercel.app/

My GitHub is here https://github.com/prophen/react-course/tree/master/11blogapp

The relevant code is in src/appwrite/auth.js and src/components/Signup.jsx. Can anyone help me debug this?

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