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I have two pull requests merged at spinnaker.github.io. Once you’ve made changes locally and successfully had your first pull request merged there are some additional steps to take before you make another PR.

If you haven’t made a pull request with GitHub before and you’d like to learn, Digital Ocean has put together a great guide and video to show you how.

If this guide doesn’t work for you, there are tons of resources on Google, GitHub, and YouTube. Search “making first pull request.”

The next pull request

When I started writing this blog post, I thought I would be listing the steps to making additional pull requests after the initial one to make changes on the website at Spinnaker.io.

It turns out that has already been written and it’s right here on the Spinnaker website. The only thing I would add is that when I was shown how to contribute, I was given this convention for naming my working branch:


For example:


I haven’t seen everyone use that convention so it may not be a requirement but it’s how I approach my contributions to the Spinnaker.io site.

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