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Minimalism Game – Day 7

  1. A ball of chunky yarn
  2. iPad box
  3. Docking station box
  4. Keyboard box
  5. Surface charger
  6. Battery case
  7. Squeezy football
A ball of chunky yarn
iPad box
Docking station box
Keyboard box
Surface charger
Battery case
Squeezy football

My body is sore from all the cleaning yesterday and I’m super tired.

Minimalism Game – Day 4

Minimalism Game – Day 4

  1. Keurig Brewer
  2. Coffee Grinder (with a lead warning tag!? 😮)
  3. Magic Bullet Base
  4. Water bottle without its cap
Minimalism Game – Day 3

Minimalism Game – Day 3

A bottle of paint and a vape pen
Two of the three items today. The old oven mitt is not pictured as it’s already in the trash

I’m so very tired today.

My items for day 3 are a partially used bottle of yellow tempera paint, a pretty (but empty) vape pen, and a cracked, gross looking oven mitt. The oven mitt is in the trash already so it didn’t make it into the picture.