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#NikemaLearns about DevOps – Day 2

I worked on a bit more of the DevOps Prerequisites Course – Getting started with DevOps.

I covered some commands for user accounts, downloading files with curl and wget, checking the OS version, RPM and Yum, and services.

Using systemctl is definitely new, I never learned that. I would always use service ... start, stop, enable, etc.

I stopped the video at the point where the instructor is introducing the vi editor. I’m interested to see if I will pick up some new tips. I can use vi well enough, (I know how to exit 😀), but I never took the time to learn to use it well. I generally use VS Code or nano.

#NikemaLearns about DevOps – Day 1

#NikemaLearns about DevOps – Day 1

On my first of n posts, I always like to make it simple and easy. Getting started alone is an achievement. Let’s go!

I’ll be making daily updates in the style of 100 Days of Code. That’s the plan at least. I’m starting with free resources for learning DevOps tools and concepts. My first lessons are coming from this video: DevOps Prerequisites Course – Getting started with DevOps.

I covered the first section and completed the labs in Teachable. This section included the course introduction and using the Linux CLI. A lot of the content was a review, but I learned a few things. I took notes by hand, just like I did in the old days 😀