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Nikema Prophet

Person • Artist • Developer • Overthinker

Let's just start something

I’ve had this domain for awhile. It’s been unused this whole time. I don’t really have a lot of time to make something cool before I start blogging so this is where we are.

Introducing the #NikemaLearns DevOps Blog Series

I am geeked out about learning! I get enjoyment out of adding to my knowledge and pushing at the edges of my comfort zone. While continuous learning is important to me, It’s easy to fall out of practice when work and family time demand a lot of my attention. Part of...

How the Pandemic Opened the Door to My Career in Tech

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic played a part in reducing the access gap for parents (with caregiving responsibilities), disabled people, and neurodivergent people in tech. I'm a member of each of those marginalized groups, plus some. Tech's quick transition to remote...

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